I found my love story…

God is the ultimate love Writer, biggest Romantic, and the One who will do whatever it takes, to let His love stories come to pass, if we let Him write them… this truth I have come to know. 

    I will share with you my impossible love story, as that is it’s reality…it is impossible. But the God that does the impossible and the miraculous, He is in this story. And with all my heart, I believe He will work this all out. 

    Why am I blogging about an impossible love story? Because I need to voice this! The world needs to hear, as I testify about the quality God gives and the beauty of love He has planned for us… 

    Might this story end up with us not being together? Yes… it might… but the quality of love and the beauty of God’s heart will still be celebrated through it…

    So, I love this man beyond all logic, all limitations, all circumstances, pain and heartache… 

    I can’t elaborate too much on the detail. Just trust me if I say, it is a painful reality. We can’t be together…yet… it’s been nearly two years. And still no breakthrough. 

    He said that he will love me lifelong… I said the same. But God said, He will do this…So my hope is in my God.

    I would love to share with the whole world letters that I have written to him, poems, prayers that I have prayed over him and also revelations God has given me about love, as I earnestly, with brokeness, tears and incredible heartache, constantly seeked His face. Letters he has not read, poems he has not heard and prayers that hopefully covered, healed, encouraged, strengthened and protected him … And one day, I hope, he will discover this blog and really just celebrate the beauty of God-love with me!



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