The Love Declaration

​DEATH, you have no hold on love, love moves beyond you and is everlasting. We taste love now, we feast on it for eternity.

HURT, you can not overpower love, love always heal hurts. Even if we are hurting now, true love will heal us tomorrow.

SEPERATION, You have no effect on love.. love is Spirit, it goes beyond borders, physical and spiritual. We might not see the the connections now, but it is there in the spirit.

SILENCE, you are silent in the presence of love! Love has a language of its own and is ever speaking… even if no word can be said. 

CIRCUMSTANCES, You can try your best, but love always rises above you, and love will always be despite of you…

So nice try visual reality!!!!! But I believe that my true reality is equal to the quality of the promises and character of my God…

And His defenition of love is this: HIMSELF

And according to Him, love does this: CONQUERS ALL!!!!!!! LOVE is UNCONDITIONAL…. does not depend on death, hurt, seperation, silence or circumstances…

So I believe in this love and strive to love with this love….

Now let’s go conquer the world!!!!!!!!



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