Love answers to love

On my journey I have so deeply and intensely seeked God about what love really is, according to Him.

1st of May 2016, He spoke to me and this is what I got:

“Divine love is acquainted with sin, familiar with rejection, experienced in hurting, yet it loves…
Divine love knows hate, experiences death, looks upon distruction, yet it loves…

The purest form of unconditional love went through the cross, the suffering, the rejection and the hurt…

Divine love is always sacrifice to the giver and gain for the receiver, costly for the carrier and riches for the one it is bestowed upon.

It is spirit, it is unseen. Yet the power of this love is equal to the Almighty God…All power available in the universe, in the completeness of the Trinity, that is the power of Divine love.

And you have full access, free entrance, and full licence to use because you were made in this love.

Love always comes full circle, which means it is impossible to give this love without it having an effect. It is impossible to flow without impact, result and fruit.

Everything true of God is true of love. Everything ascribed to God is ascribed to love, because God is love.
Everything the Word says about God, it says about love, because God is love!

Love has NO WEAKNESS, as God has no weakness.
Love CAN’T FAIL, as God can’t fail.
Love can always and will ALWAYS CONQUER.
Love does not return void, but ACCOMPLISHES what it was sent for…

To the measure that you understand that God and love is the same, the more you will walk in love’s power, see the ability of love and experience the effect of love.

You are a Love-being, as Love created you. Your capacity to love is in your blood, your DNA, your core.

Love answers to love and that is why people yearn for the love of the Father…

Yes, love answers to love…
Love defines you…
Love created you…
Love sustains you…
Love reveals you…
Love displays you…”



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