The quality of my commitment is because of who I am…

I wrote this 1st of December 2016

I am not loving you because you love me…

I’m loving you because I love you.

I am not committed to you because you are committed to me…

I am committed to you because I am committed to you.

The value of my words are not determined by the value of your words.

When I said I will love you life long, I meant it and I did not say it because you said it…

So the quality of my commitment, love and loyalty is because of who I am, not because of who you are.

The quality of your words and the quality of your heart is up to you.

I won’t cheapen my words, lower my standards or lessen my commitment.

I am quality, so I give quality. What you give is up to you.

Copyright© thelovetestimony2017


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