I love you with my love

I wrote this 5/02/2016:

I love you with fire, all consuming, so that all that remain will be pure gold.
I love you with wind, root strengthening, so that the biggest impact can be brought.
I love you with earth, healthy soil, so that growth and fruit can be produced.
I love you with rain, ever penetrating, so that the ground of your heart will be soft.
I love you with roses, with thorns, so that the beauty and pain will shape your glory.
I love you with rocks, big and strong, so that your foundation will be all enduring.
I love you with the ocean, all connecting, so that no matter where you are and where I am, we will just be a drop apart.
I love you with the mountains, ever challenging, so that your life will be filled with conquered moments and magnificent scenes.
I love you with me, unconditionally, so that … well, this is for you to complete the phrase.

Yes, my love, this is one of those days. Which days? Well, everyday since I have met you that my heart is yearning for you. I wish I could speak to you, see you face to face and hear your voice. I miss your soul that I could see in your eyes. I miss you…
I love you so deeply, so intensely and so fully. I can not fathom the love that is still going to grow further, more and deeper. I can not imagine a love stronger and more intense that what I am feeling already.
I love you with my breath, I love you with my hope, I love you with my faith, I love you with my love. I love you…the words are lacking but my heart is full. I am yours…


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