I am the revelation of God’s love… and so are you.

25th of July 2016

God was describing His love to me… may you reading this, be so encouraged…

“My love for you is ecstacy. My love for you is fullness. My love for you goes above, rises to extremes, consumes all, removes all, fulfills all and gives all.

My love is a fortress, a house, a home.
My love is a memory, a moment, eternity.
My love is a power, a force, an energy.

My love goes beyond knowledge, defies nature, confuses logic and surpasses understanding.

My love is a sunrise, a season…

My love is a solution, a breakthrough, a way.
My love is relentless, all consuming and victorious.
My love is continuous, everlasting and outrageous.
My love is fulfillment, beauty, splendor and courage.
My love has no limits, no boundaries, no reasons, it just is.
My love is contagious, it’s a movement, it’s an epidemic.

My love is star skies, universes and measureless.
My love penetrates all, moves all, celebrates all.
My love is perfect…
Now tell me again, what is it you lack? ”

“Well God, clearly only a revelation of your love.”

“You are THE revelation of My love..”

“Father, I have so many limitations, so many faults, sin…. God… help me get this….Jesus, I love You…”



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