Tired heart

15 June 2016…
I have had many, many very dark and difficult days… may this encourage you…

Tired heart, wearied tears…
Cry some more, it’s okay.
Your Maker knows the value of your pain.
Your priceless tears He collects and vaults.
Don’t keep Him from more treasures by holding back your tears at all cost.

Tired heart, battle scarred…
You’re broken, it’s okay.
God draws close to you.
With your crushed soul, He will remain.
Whether aware of Him, or not at all, He holds you anyway.

Tired heart, hopeless cries…
You’re desperate, it’s okay.
Even your thoughts are prayers to Him.
He hears them, the anxiety, the frustration, the pain.
You need Him, see His Father heart.

Tired heart, weakened hope…
You feel powerless, it’s okay.
This is where you are the strongest, because all His power still remains.
You have access to Him, always.

It’s really okay, if you can’t anymore, dear tired heart…
Because He can.
Wait upon Him.
Be with Him.

He is your all powerful Dad…



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