I love the value of your pain

I wrote this a couple of months after I met him… not sure of the date, but clearly sure of my love…

I love you deeply, clearly and truly. I love you completely and unconditionally.

I love you with a love that goes beyond my reasoning, logic and understanding.

This love is persistent and fierce. This love is determined and with purpose.

This love for you is eternal, defined and filled with faith.

I will not let go. I will not give up. I will not waiver or fear or doubt.

My love for you is grinded into my heart, cemented into my mind and united with my soul.

I love you from the essence of who I am.
I love you from the place where I define myself, know myself and understand myself.

Me without you seems strange and far away.

I am honest when I say, I believe we have a deep supernatural connection. This one thing I know, God’s hand is in this and only He will be able to change the way I feel about you. If God changes my heart it’s okay but for now this is not the case.

So for now, my precious heart-connected-love, know this:
I am so aware of the heart wrenching facts but I also know that my love for you has overcome it all!
I also know my God and His promises.
I also know all the tears I’ve cried in secret…
It is done.
It is complete.
The price is paid.
You are loved.

Yes, I am not perfect but I will love you to the best of my ability and to the greatest possible level that I can imagine or reach.

I will, and do love you, regardless of your silence, your distance, your mood, your circumstances or your position.

So if I love you from afar, I might as well love you up close. God’s promises are clear, and to that I say yes and amen!

So why do I love you? Well the simple and true answer is that God has awakened a love in me for you that I have never felt before for anyone.
How? I don’t know.
Why? Because this I believe, is the will of the Father. He wants me to love you and for me it is that simple. And God could not have given me an easier task…

To love you… wow… what a privilege.

I love the way you love people.
Your love is selfless, you will always be last, take the least and wish the best for others.

I love how you care with intensity and seld-denial. You care too much, too intense.

I love how you live with passion, but realistically.
I love how things would get you down but you bounce back up.

I love your humour and your way of thinking.
I love how you get angry but apologize quickly.

I love the way you love me.

I love your strength and bravery but yet you are so aware of your shortcomings and frailty.

I love your love for Father, the beauty of your heart that radiates Him.

I love that you passionately share God with others.

I love your face, I love your eyes- the intensity, the passion, the focus, the playfulness.

I love and miss the way you looked at me, the way you touched my face and kissed my hand, the way you were so close to me with intimate respect.

I love that one of the first things you said to me was that your mom will love me.

I love that you are who you are.

I love the quality of your life, the value of your pain and the greatness and stature of your spirit.

I love the fact that I can honestly say that you love me… how that is possible, I don’t know… How God is spoiling me and totally showing off how awesome He is by having someone like you love me… I don’t know.

But these three things I know:
God loves that I love you and loves that you love me.
I love that you love me and that you love God.
You love that I love you and that I love God… I believe…

So my love, this is possible. We can be together and I believe we will be together soon . Please see this.
My love for you grows stronger every day.

Thank you that I can love you.

This is such a privilege for me to love you. Really… it is…REALLY.



9 thoughts on “I love the value of your pain

    • Thank you so much… yes, it is that intense for me… Sometimes I read what I wrote and know that it came from every fibre of my being and what I believe… other times I read it and think I am crazy to keep on fighting for this!!! Thank you for your precious comment. It encourages me to continue…


  1. Wow! Your intense words kept me so still and concentrated that I was lost in another world, the world of love!
    What I noticed about your description was that you described about the physical features last(the eyes,etc) these days the looks come first. Even in total unconscious state I can blindly point out to this and say, “This is true love!”
    Another noticable fact, today the world considers love as something perfect, no mistakes are allowed in love. But you started with the mention that this love is perfect with all the imperfections in both the individuals.
    Lastly, the mention about God, the modern age brings God into the picture only when things go wrong, you’ve said it even before mentioning about the person’s love for you. This shows that for you love is possible only with God’s grace and that even the person you love so deeply comes second after God. This just cannot get better. Thank you for making me realise that love is far different from what the world advertises.

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  2. It is easy to embrace your writings, as I can remember when I first started writing it was romantically to God. Someone once asked me why is everything you write about love in some kinda way. My reply; because I met the greatest love I will ever sure know, and He blessed me with His grace and selfless love, so how can I not share that love with all whom I meet…the radiance of His awesome love! So I write psalms, poems, songs for him and will always do it happily while I live! That was when I was 21, and the inspiration is still alive! I love the spirit within your words that come alive from your heart and you understand why! I love you my sister in Christ! God bless!

    Liked by 2 people

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