And how must I deal with the pain, Jesus?

13 September 2016 (Something happened and it felt like everything was over…)

‘My God, this is so painful… Help me Jesus… my heart is aching… Have mercy on me.’

” The quality of your heart and character can only be influenced by choices you make, things you allow etc. You have full control of the quality of who you are. To the measure you surrender to Me, to that measure I will be formed in you.

The quality of your love is only influenced by your response to My love and the love of people around you. Only you determine the quality of your love…

What is the most selfless form of love imaginable to you, even in romantic relationships? ”

‘ I don’t know how to answer this, Lord… obviously loving despite of, caring despite of, staying committed despite of…’

“The most selfless form of love is letting go… I can easily manipulate, force or threaten my children to love me. Or, because I am God, I can simply show up and manifest myself to them and they won’t have any other choice but to love and worship Me, because I am God…

But because I love them so much, I let them go… and if they seek Me, they will find Me. And if they call on Me, I will answer them.

I still look out for them in ways they do not even know or see… but they are free to come or not come to Me. And that is the most selfless thing you can do if you love…”

‘Why is this selfless, Lord?’

“Because even though your heart is burning with love and passion for them, and you desire an intimate relationship with them… to talk with them etc etc… NONE OF YOUR DESIRES MATTER”

‘What does let it go mean, God?’

” It means you make it accessible and free in your heart for that person to come to you. You release that person even beyond expressing your love to them…
But everything you are and create and say declares your love for them. Not in a way of putting pressure and also not manipulation. But with an open heart to give and receive…”

‘And if he never loves me back?’

“Then you have loved like a King. And the surrender and dying to self, that it takes to do this has caused you to become love… as I am love…You will be like Me, You will reflect Me, You will become love…”

‘So how must I deal with the pain, Jesus?’

“The same way I did… cry at the Father’s feet and find comfort in His arms…”

‘So, it’s over?’

“No, the power of love has only begun.”


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