The love resident

Love for you invaded my heart.

In the beginning I tried to bolt the doors, shut the windows, and ignore the love that was seeking to enter my heart, until I could not hold it out anymore.

Love for you entered forcefully, unexpectedly, excitedly and did not give me much time to process it all.

Then the reality of this love started to sink in and settle down and made itself at home within me, even though the conundrum of all this challenged every part of my faith, existence and frame of reference.

Despite my attempts to chase it out every now and then, it somehow found an open window, or slight crack in the door and made itself comfortable in every room of my heart.

Even when I thought it now really overstayed its welcome, it kept on lingering, kept being present, even when I flat out ignored it or even harshly fought against it.

And now I realized… my heart is it’s home now. It was not planning just to visit, or hang out for a couple of months. It planned to stay.

So, instead of trying to figure out why this love has invaded my heart, trying to figure out and decide if it is overstaying its welcome or not. Tirelessly trying to make sense of the permanent awareness of this new love resident, I have decided to let it settle.

So, I see it’s fingerprints on my memories, and it’s footprints in my space. And I know that this love has filled even the darkest secret place in me.

So, now I will just have to live with it. But know, that it brings me more joy than sadness, more hope than disappointment and more freedom than captivity.

My heart is now permanently filled with the fervor and beauty of the presence of love for you…



May your heart be moved

Simply… I love you… that will do for today. Don’t feel like adding dramatic phrasing, creative expressions, or poetic words…

Don’t feel like pressing in, praying hard and recommitting my soul..
May your heart be moved tonight…
I love you.

God’s love bubbled over…

Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa wrote a children’s Bible book and this is how Genesis starts:

In the beginning God’s love bubbled over and He created.

Tonight I am lying here thinking of so many things happening in my life and I challenge myself with this concept…

What if all I do is from a place of love bubbling over in me… Because of a overflow of love, God created…

A love that He could not contain, a love that He needed to express! So He created so that He can express who He is… and that is Love.

How can we get in touch with the overflowing love that is within us, so that we can be people on this earth who bubbles over with love?

Let’s get in touch with all that Greatness inside of us! All that love…

That is what we need… spontaneous, over bubbling love!

Can I leave my heart

​Can I, just for a week, leave my heart
Safely nestled in a cosy box 
Because oh, it’s a beautiful heart
Carrying all the chapters of quite a life
Then I don’t have to wreck through the memories  
Just for a week
Or is that too long a time for such an extraordinary request?

Can I then, just for a day, leave my heart 
Safely nestled in a cosy box
Because oh, it’s a beautiful heart
Being strong and persevering beyond all odds
Then I don’t have to intensely keep the impossibilities from destroying me
Just for a day
Or is this too long a time for such an extraordinary request?

Okay, can I then, just for an hour, leave my heart
Safely nestled in a cosy box
Because oh, it’s a beautiful heart
Having the ability to trust you, God… even if you seem quiet
Then I don’t have to experience the desperation of needing to hear You
Just for an hour
Or is that too long a time for such an extraordinary request?

God, then just for a moment… can I leave my heart
Safely nestled in a cosy box
Because yes, I know, you have made my heart beautiful…
But I am tired, Jesus…
Can I maybe even leave my life?
My feelings?
My whole existence? 
Then I don’t have to… then I just don’t have to
Just for a moment
Or is that too long a time for such an extraordinary request?

And I know Jesus, that even You asked the Father if Your cup can pass You by… nevertheless not Your will but His be done
And even though my cup is nothing compared to Yours, I will also say
Not my will, but Yours be done
Jesus, did you also want to leave Your heart, and put it in a cosy box… even just for a moment? 


I have FAITH in the HOPE that I have in this LOVE.

1 Corinthians 14:1a… 

I am eagerly in pursuit of the love that endures long, reaches the summits of the mountains, faces the destruction of the whirlwinds and perseveres through the seemingly neverending deserts.

Let my love for you persist and outlive eternity.

I seek to acquire this love that rejoices in truth. This love that embraces the purpose, magnitude and destiny of the universe but also can just simply see the truth of who you are.

Let my joy be to find out the truth about this love and to lavishly pour it out upon you.

I make it my aim to discover this love that never fades, ends or becomes obsolete. This love that can stand the test of time, stay strong in the moments of hopelessness and be in full power in the darkest of days.

Let my focus be to love you with a love that can not weaken, dissolve or erode.

My greatest quest is to walk in faith, hope and love.This faith that has mastered stubbornness, hope that has solidified in stability and love that has welded its direction of pursuit towards you, my beloved.

I have faith in the hope that I carry in this fierce love. I eagerly pursue and seek to acquire this love. I make it my aim and my greatest quest!

May you give love freedom

1 Timothy 1:5
May the source of the love you give be from your freedom… your freedom from contamination and everything that defines love vaguely.

May you not burden the definition of love with hurt, dissapointment and shallow impressions.

But may you give love freedom inside of you to spring forth from the purity of its origin and the beauty of God’s defenition as you find the Original Source.

May the source of your love be from a clear mind… your inner being that has been consumed with everything beautiful, holy and pure.

May you not diminish the definition of love from a mind that has been overpowered by the filth and destruction of this world.

But may you give love accurate form inside of you, with cleared thinking as you holistically carry the image of God in thought, deed and words, so that you can set the world free from its fears and pain.

May the source of your love be from your immovable conviction… your faith in the the greatness and conquering ability of love.

May you not weaken the definition of love by wavering in your radical declarations of truth that could steal from the full effect God desired love to have in you and from you.

But may you give love a conquering position in your heart and allow it to be as powerful as it really is because you believe its ability is the same as the Almighty God, who is infact love.

One look from your eyes, have given me courage…

Songs of Solomon 4:9
May my love make you brave
To become God-like
As you conquer everything that opposes that stature within you

May my love give you courage
To dare to take the risks
In order to soar, spread your wings and leave the cliff behind you

May my love make you bold
To challenge the impossible
And conquer the normal, and release the supernatural

May my love make you fearless
To be fierce within
To face everything head on, that is in your way of destiny

Atleast I know… one look from your eyes, my love… has done all that in me.

(The beauty of this is, it is true for all relationships. God towards us, parents to children, brother to brother, marriage… may we learn to love people into their full potential! Can I dare to say, we lack courage because we lack love?)