The love resident

Love for you invaded my heart.

In the beginning I tried to bolt the doors, shut the windows, and ignore the love that was seeking to enter my heart, until I could not hold it out anymore.

Love for you entered forcefully, unexpectedly, excitedly and did not give me much time to process it all.

Then the reality of this love started to sink in and settle down and made itself at home within me, even though the conundrum of all this challenged every part of my faith, existence and frame of reference.

Despite my attempts to chase it out every now and then, it somehow found an open window, or slight crack in the door and made itself comfortable in every room of my heart.

Even when I thought it now really overstayed its welcome, it kept on lingering, kept being present, even when I flat out ignored it or even harshly fought against it.

And now I realized… my heart is it’s home now. It was not planning just to visit, or hang out for a couple of months. It planned to stay.

So, instead of trying to figure out why this love has invaded my heart, trying to figure out and decide if it is overstaying its welcome or not. Tirelessly trying to make sense of the permanent awareness of this new love resident, I have decided to let it settle.

So, I see it’s fingerprints on my memories, and it’s footprints in my space. And I know that this love has filled even the darkest secret place in me.

So, now I will just have to live with it. But know, that it brings me more joy than sadness, more hope than disappointment and more freedom than captivity.

My heart is now permanently filled with the fervor and beauty of the presence of love for you…



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