Human instinct, before our human pain

I am a child

I trust you
I love you
I cry with you
I laugh with you
I care about you
I express my true self

I grow up

I don’t easily trust you, I’ve been disappointed
I don’t deeply love, my heart is hardened
I cry alone, you don’t see my tears
I seldom laugh, maybe fake joy infront of you
I don’t care about you, it is too painful
I will never risk exposing my true self, no one reslly knows me

I am restored

I trust you, with my whole heart
I love you, as deep as the ocean
I cry with you, as long as you need me to
I laugh with you, until we can’t anymore
I care about you, anything you need, any way I can help
I express my true self, you love me just the way I am.

This is our human instinct, before our human pain…
This is our potential…



A poem for My lady

2nd of April 2016

This poem came into my heart from God to me

Graciously beautiful
Meticulously precise
Bravely gentle
And so pure in heart

Wars in the spirit
Wars here on earth
And most all and most destructive
Wars in her heart

She stands, does not know how to fall
She believes, does not know how to give up
She perseveres, does not know how to stop

Her heart is bleeding
Her love is real
Her soul is crying
Her faith perseveres

A warrior at heart
A warrior in the spirit
Yet, after all this, also just My daughter
Also just My girl
Also just a human, frail and hurt

The force of love within her, measures the force of love on the cross.
The perseverance and commitment, echoes My words on the cross, “It is done.”

So stand back you strongholds,
Run fast, evil and darkness
The light within her, is as bright as the light within Me.

The faith within her, the same as the woman bleeding.
She has touched My garment
I have heard her cry.
“If only”, will become a manifestation of My power because she has touched Me.

Roaring Lion of Judah is heard within her when she prays
My power is released
I have heard
I am coming
See oh world, now this is faith.


Your status…

Could you find God when they tortured you, or when you fled from death? 
Could you find God when you suffered for Him, or when it felt that it was your last breath?

Where does this drive to stay alive in you come from? 
Would it not have been easier to just let go and be with Him in heavenly perfection? 
Why endure the suffering and continue in this earthly hell?
Why flee for your life from country to country in what seems like hopeless continuation, when so many times it could have all ended?

Because you are filled with the One who calls Himself LIFE! 
You belong to a Man who made sure He fully felt your suffering and carried your pain.
You have a drive inside of you for more than this world got to offer.

You are alive to hope.
You are awakened to love.
You are enlightened by the one called LIGHT to have faith.

You have eternity in your heart, a Kingdom as your assignment, you are destined, you have a legacy to leave, you have a testimony to give, and a God to glorify. You still have heaven to bring down to earth…

You have suffered so much
Love must conquer
Your status is refugee
Love must conquer
Your future seems hopeless

Love MUST conquer…
Because that is what love does… it conquers ALL…

His Father, who is in heaven, hallowed be Your Name. Your kingdom come, Your will be done in him, as it is in heaven… For Yours is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory

Forever and ever… Amen



Impossible, the greatest impossibility

Create your own reality, they say
As a man thinketh, so he is, they say

I would rather go beyond me…
God says He wants to surpass all my extreme and wild visions for my life.
Far above what I can dream or imagine, is a life dreamt for me within the adventurous, and purposeful heart of God.
Why limit myself to myself,
If the fullness of God is my only boundary
And so I attempt to ruminate on the impossible…
Eventhough, the impossible is by far the greatest impossibility in my life 
As I dream in God


Broken paintbrushes and unskilled hands

​Since the beginning of time and to the end of eternity there never was and never will be a story like ours.
Not even the Song of all Songs of Solomon adequately describes our love.
Millions of poems, innumerable relationships, epic love stories of generations and generations…

Yet, not one of them are quite like ours.
Why such a bold statement of exclusivity?
Because in all history there has not been another me and there has not been another you. Our love-expression is unique.

Many has beautifully reflected His heart and displayed the glory of His love by their precious and godly love for one another.

Yet, no one had our canvas, with our colours and our peculiar story to paint a reflection of God as we will use our broken painbrushes and unskilled hands.

Let us give a remarkable glimpse of His extravagance, and our outstanding account of His quality!

Is there any other way to love than to love so hard that you come in sync with the Origin of Love, Himself?
Is there a higher ecstasy to reach than full union in Him? 
Could a more blissfull and passionate love exist between two people than when they are completely overwhelmed and overtaken by the Purest of love?

Passionate, fierce, authentic, extraordinary love, with the powerful ability to overcome all things are sourced in Christ, poured out in us and lavished upon the world.

May they see Him when I look at you.
May they love Him as I love you.

May we paint a broken yet mesmerizing picture of our King and may it join the exhibition of the ages, of frail, human attempts, to love with grandeur, like the Almighty.


Silence, just us, together

Just me

Yet my mind is a mega city traffic jam
A swarm of life’s disturbances
Memories, images, emotions and thoughts
All jealous for my attention
It is the loudest place on earth, my mind

Yet, when I wait
When I pray
When I stop

My mind is the place of God’s impressions
A swarm of His goodness
Love, beauty, communion and grace
He is jealous for my attention
It is the loveliest place on earth, my mind

Just us


One more day

Another mercy-filled new morning
I miss you one day longer

Another hope-risen new sunrise
I  love you one day more

Another live-giving new day
I am closer to drinking in the story of your eyes again as I believe I will see you again, face to face

Another grace-abounding new dusk
One more day where I have the privilege of journeying with you, right here in my heart

I can make it one more day

Every day is one day closer
Every day is one day more
Every day is one day longer

I can make it one more day

And so, there is hope

And when, by hope, we are united, nothing of this will change

I will continue to  lavish you with my love
I will still be thankful for every day, as I get to love you a little bit longer

And so, there is hope

I will see you
I will hear you
I will feel you

And so, I wait 

For those mercy-filled mornings
Those hope-risen sunrises
Those live-giving days
and grace-abounding dusks

With you
Eternally yours

So, I can make it one more day