Faith to move your mountain

This is the love I have for you… Inspired by 1 Corinthians 13(Amplified) and declared by faith:

I love you with intentional, spiritual devotion that are inspired by God’s love for us and His love in us. Any other form of action, dedication or commitment apart from this love is like white noise, meaningless and empty.

I may even be able to interpret the divine will for you and understand secret mysteries and truths and reveal it to you, or even have faith to move your mountains for you. But if I do not have God-love for you, I am nothing and mean nothing to you. I am useless and nobody of worth to you.

I can and would want to dole out all I have and give it to you. I can and will gladly sacrifice my life for you and even maybe receive some glory for my efforts but if I have not God-quality love for you, I gain nothing and you gain nothing.

So the love I have endures long and is patient and kind towards you. My love for you wills all good towards you and it takes so much pleasure in seeing prosperity and all things destined toward your success unfold in your life. My self-effacing love for you comes to you in all meekness and humility. What I love you with, is something that is unassuming about myself and in diffidence and modesty I love you.

Because this is God’s love in me, I come with an abandonment of my own rights and a deep conviction that I am not the remarkable one. I come with the desire to act appropriately, being easy-going, calm and tolerant when it comes to how I act towards you.

This is the type of love, I love you with: I take no account of evil done towards me and I do not even pay attention to any wrong I suffered. This love I have for you will always cause me to rejoice when right and truth prevails in you and at injustice and unrighteousness I will grieve…

So this love bears up under anything and everything that comes and I am ever ready to believe the best about you. My hopes for all facets of your life are fadeless under all circumstances. My love for you endures everything, without weakening.

Because it is this God-quality love, it never fails, never fades or becomes obsolete or comes to an end. Other incredible things will come to an end, prophetic words will be fulfilled and pass away, knowledge will be superseded by truth, all things incomplete and imperfect will become void and antiquated when completion and perfection comes.

See, when I was a child, I talked like a child, thought like a child and reasoned like a child. By grace I have come to a greater maturity and am done with childish ways and have put them aside.

I know I am only looking in a dim, blurred mirror reflection of the actual reality of life. It is still a riddle or enigma to me. But when this perfection in me comes I will see in reality and like seeing someone face to face. Now I know in part and imperfectly, but then I shall know and understand fully and clearly. I will understand everything as transparently and fully as I am known and understood by God.

So, in all this said my faith, my hope and my love abides. In my faith I carry the conviction and belief to respect your relationship with God and other divine things. In my hope, I am joyful and confident in my expectation of your eternal salvation. And in my love I have true affection towards you as I also have towards God. This affection is growing out of God’s love for me and you and also God’s love in me and you.
And of my faith, my hope and my love, the greatest is undeniably my love…

Always yours…



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