Broken paintbrushes and unskilled hands

​Since the beginning of time and to the end of eternity there never was and never will be a story like ours.
Not even the Song of all Songs of Solomon adequately describes our love.
Millions of poems, innumerable relationships, epic love stories of generations and generations…

Yet, not one of them are quite like ours.
Why such a bold statement of exclusivity?
Because in all history there has not been another me and there has not been another you. Our love-expression is unique.

Many has beautifully reflected His heart and displayed the glory of His love by their precious and godly love for one another.

Yet, no one had our canvas, with our colours and our peculiar story to paint a reflection of God as we will use our broken painbrushes and unskilled hands.

Let us give a remarkable glimpse of His extravagance, and our outstanding account of His quality!

Is there any other way to love than to love so hard that you come in sync with the Origin of Love, Himself?
Is there a higher ecstasy to reach than full union in Him? 
Could a more blissfull and passionate love exist between two people than when they are completely overwhelmed and overtaken by the Purest of love?

Passionate, fierce, authentic, extraordinary love, with the powerful ability to overcome all things are sourced in Christ, poured out in us and lavished upon the world.

May they see Him when I look at you.
May they love Him as I love you.

May we paint a broken yet mesmerizing picture of our King and may it join the exhibition of the ages, of frail, human attempts, to love with grandeur, like the Almighty.



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