Your status…

Could you find God when they tortured you, or when you fled from death? 
Could you find God when you suffered for Him, or when it felt that it was your last breath?

Where does this drive to stay alive in you come from? 
Would it not have been easier to just let go and be with Him in heavenly perfection? 
Why endure the suffering and continue in this earthly hell?
Why flee for your life from country to country in what seems like hopeless continuation, when so many times it could have all ended?

Because you are filled with the One who calls Himself LIFE! 
You belong to a Man who made sure He fully felt your suffering and carried your pain.
You have a drive inside of you for more than this world got to offer.

You are alive to hope.
You are awakened to love.
You are enlightened by the one called LIGHT to have faith.

You have eternity in your heart, a Kingdom as your assignment, you are destined, you have a legacy to leave, you have a testimony to give, and a God to glorify. You still have heaven to bring down to earth…

You have suffered so much
Love must conquer
Your status is refugee
Love must conquer
Your future seems hopeless

Love MUST conquer…
Because that is what love does… it conquers ALL…

His Father, who is in heaven, hallowed be Your Name. Your kingdom come, Your will be done in him, as it is in heaven… For Yours is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory

Forever and ever… Amen




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