A poem for My lady

2nd of April 2016

This poem came into my heart from God to me

Graciously beautiful
Meticulously precise
Bravely gentle
And so pure in heart

Wars in the spirit
Wars here on earth
And most all and most destructive
Wars in her heart

She stands, does not know how to fall
She believes, does not know how to give up
She perseveres, does not know how to stop

Her heart is bleeding
Her love is real
Her soul is crying
Her faith perseveres

A warrior at heart
A warrior in the spirit
Yet, after all this, also just My daughter
Also just My girl
Also just a human, frail and hurt

The force of love within her, measures the force of love on the cross.
The perseverance and commitment, echoes My words on the cross, “It is done.”

So stand back you strongholds,
Run fast, evil and darkness
The light within her, is as bright as the light within Me.

The faith within her, the same as the woman bleeding.
She has touched My garment
I have heard her cry.
“If only”, will become a manifestation of My power because she has touched Me.

Roaring Lion of Judah is heard within her when she prays
My power is released
I have heard
I am coming
See oh world, now this is faith.



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