I hope, I pray, I love

I went through a couple of weeks seeking new depth and new revelation from God. And even though I thought of my blog nearly every day, I realized that I do not want to just post for the sake of posting something… God is working a new depth in me and new revelation about love. I am excited about this!

So here is a letter I wrote today to him, the only one my heart loves:

My love,
I love you with the brightness of 10 000 stars.
No, I love you with the brightness of all the stars the universe possesses, and all it will still create.
I love you with a field of an extensive variety of flowers.
No, I love you with the beauty of every single flower that has ever seen the face of the sun, throughout all generations and even for all existence still to come.

My love,
I pray for you. I pray that the brilliance of God will be your light, even in your darkest night.
I pray that the unfathomable love of God will become fathomable to you to the greatest extent possible for a human being.

My love,
I hope for you. I hope that the extravagant excellence of the dream God has for your life will be your daily experience and that in the hell of your suffering, you will display the grace, the purity, the power and the victory of Christ in you.
I hope for you. I hope that the miraculous glory of God will saturate, heal and disintegrate every form of doubt, fear, uncertainty or hopelessness in your heart.
May you explode with the overwhelming beauty and presence of God within you.

I hope
I pray
I love



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