The sound of glory

Above all adoration I could possibly utter
Above all adulation I could put into words
Above the greatest admiration my soul can birth
Above the highest renditions of awe my being can express…
That is where your appraisal is set

Yet, you love the weakest hallelujah
You love the faintest declaration
You love a sigh directed towards You to hear
You love a human, ‘I love you, Lord’
You love a frail dependency on You

Even if every human, ever created will shout with conviction and declare your greatness…
It will still be a fleeting mist, a whisper, a hint and a hum compared to the actual sound of glory due to Your great name.

Yet, You love the voice of one…
Your heart overflows as a single human gives any form of expression towards You.

Oh, how deeply You love us. Father.
How deep
If we but knew…

Father, I want to know…


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