Oneloveline 4

Love goes beyond what we know about a person, even beyond what they believe about themselves and thrives on loving someone in the framework of their endless potential and unique greatness and thus empowering them to become that.



6 thoughts on “Oneloveline 4

    • There is definitely obsession, which is a very dangerous, selfish and destructive distortion of love… which is a very unhealthy commitment to someone.
      And if our defenition of love is distorted and our understanding of love is lacking, then we can really have connection or focus on someone that is not good.
      As you obviously see, I am on this journey of discovering what love actually really means… because I desire to love as deep as possible and as ‘accurately’ as possible, with the unconditional love of God as both my Source and example…
      So, to answer your question… Can I love someone too much, if I mean loving with the beautiful, freeing, persistent, powerful, overcoming, sacrificial and passionate love of God?… no you can’t love too much.
      But any other form or variation… yes, dangerously yes…


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