My heart is a seed

My dearest, 

Joy! I dance because He loves us.
Peace! I rest because He knows.
Endurance! I continue because it’s His quality.
Faith! I believe because we are His.
Hope! I do not see but I am sure because He sees.

My heart is a canvas, graced by the colour of you. 
My heart is a melody you expanded into a symphony.
My heart is a stream, now a mighty, gushing waterfall.
My heart is a seed, planted, watered, let it grow, let it grow, let it grow.

Always yours.



Oneloveline 7

Love with Love

I love loving Love, I love that Love loves me and I love that I can love with Love and that people are the result of this love as Love needed to do just that… to love.​


I love who I have become by loving you

​No greater love than this… to lay down your life for another.

My dearest love, 

What a privilege to pursue the greatest of love and having you as my motivation.
How incredibly blessed I am, to delve into the depth of my human ability to love, and you are my inspiration.

I am so thankful to God that I have you in my heart, on my mind and consistently before me. 
To have chosen you was the clearest, most obvious commitment I have ever made.
It had the most excruciating, yet gloriously unprecedented consequences.

The price I am paying and had to pay, I will pay again, and so much more, because I know my every tear waters your desert, my every prayer, awakens your hope. 

What I had to sacrifice and even the dreams I had to lay at our Father’s feet, I will lay it down again and again and again, because I know the quality of the One that I admire and the One that I aspire to be like. 

If I knew what I had to go through in my prodigious journey in loving you, would I do it again? 
A thousand times yes! A life-long definitely! 

Even if it was just for the innumerable times my face spontaneously erupted into a smile, when I thought of you. 

Even if it was just for the moments of uncontainable joy, when I was exhuberantly jumping up and down, like a child, alone in my room.

Or the times praise just flowed from my lips toward our God as my heart could not contain my thankfulness and awe for the story He has allowed me to be a part of.

Or even if it was just for those times where my desperation in prayer has reached such a physically aching dimension, that I thought I can’t live through another day and death will be the only release from the pain… because there I met God in a powerful, breathtaking way that I would not trade for any other version of my life.

If I could meet God like this again, I won’t trade it for any easier way. 

I love that I can love you.
I love who I have become by loving you.
I love the God I discovered by loving you.

Thank you for this journey… I hope yours is easier than mine, when it comes to us, since you really have enough to deal with in your circumstances. And that as I help carry your burdens that you will find rest for your soul, hope for your future, and deep, deep intimacy with our Father.

Thank you, my love. I know that hope is alive in us and for us. And I am so thankful that the story has not ended yet. 
You are making my life so incredibly rich, intensely deep and majestically beautiful. 

It is so worth loving you.

 Always yours…


I love, I wait

I wait, I love
I pray, I love
I expect, I love

I love, I dream
I love, I long
I love, I hope

You, I love boundlessly
You, I love fervidly
You, I love unceasingly

Experience freedom, I love you
Live in exuberance, I love you
Radiate passion, I love you

I love, I wait
I love, I wait
I love, I wait

For you

You inspire me

You inspire me

Uncommon love, rare but attainable
A love where I am in You and from You I love

You inspire me

Uncommon love, deep but reachable
A love that is not because of beauty discovered, but because of my own metamorphosis

You inspire me

Uncommon love, sacrificial but unrivaled
A love that defines the purpose of all things created, where once discovered, life becomes destined

You inspire me

Uncommon love, it is God but it must also become me
A love that has the ability to do what nothing else on earth could have done before

A love where I love me…

You inspire me


All of you

I wrote this today….

May you see all of you as you see all of Him.

May His love conquer you.

May all of you see all of Him.
This is where your desolation meets His fullness and you overflow.
Where your dry bones meets His Word and you become an army.

May all of you see all of Him.
This is where your inferiority meets His opinion and you become a King.
Where your heartache meets his tenderness and you are passionately alive.

May all of you see all of Him.
This is where your life meets His ability and your potential becomes supernatural.
Where your humanity meets His glory and you radiate His awe.
May all of you see all of Him.

Yes all of you, your raw, broken unrehearsed, beautiful, amazing and authentic self… 

Because then, you will never see yourself the same again. 

May the only battle you ever lose again in your life, be the battle where you fight resisting His love.

May His love conquer you.