One breath forward

Give me your heart, I will carry it, when you feel too weak to carry it alone.
Give me your pain, I will comfort you. You are not bearing it alone.

Share with me your burdensome struggles, I will listen and make it my own. As we carry one another’s burdens, it seems lighter, bearable… there’s hope.

Now you can’t hear the next line of your lifesong, come closer, and hear me whisper it in your ear.

Now you can’t see in the dark your next step, but see how the light of my prayer shines, so you can see and continue moving even just one breath forward.

Your words to me today was, you are tired of life.
My words to you was, I know and I understand.

Your darkness continues, yet my prayer is that it will be the background for an incredible display of fireworks, blinding light and blazing brightness.

Maybe now, there is only one star shining in your darkest night. But my love, that’s the miracle, there is one star shining… there’s hope.


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