Framed by black

​And you have stared so long at the desolated land…
And all you see is the black ashes of everything consumed by the destruction life holds… 

But you forget, under ground hope is alive. New fresh greens are waiting to burst forth through the death now visible.

And then it happens… the first bright green stem, spectacularly framed by black.

It was there, all along… just waiting for the rain. 

My love… hope is alive… and I am so glad you finally got some light, some life, some hope…

I celebrate with you, 7/7/17… no coincidence there… you received your acceptance as a refugee.

You finally got your papers… 
Now build your life further… 
Nothing can stop you… 
Dream big… 
Embrace life…
Forgive and live. 

Life is truly beautiful.



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