Just one more day

There’s a place so powerful
A place that feels like live electricity
A place where excitement and expectation breeds
A place where no force in the universe can stop you
Where you are convinced, persistent and determined
The force of hope inside you drives you
This place is a place of immovable faith.

There is a place that is so powerful
A place where you can not imagine that it is possible to make it through another day
A place where all logic, all reality and all sanity screams so loud you have no idea why you don’t just listen
A place where doubt and despondency stands as giants before you
And at times it seems you have no idea what is driving you
This is a place of immovable faith

Now faith is being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see

What if you hold on just a little bit longer?
What if you don’t give up just yet?
You can do it… just one more day
And you tell yourself that tomorrow again

Healing, breakthrough, victory, inventions, love stories, miracles, life, dreams fulfilled, obstacles ovetcome, books written, dept paid, prayers answered…

And that is a place so powerful



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