What if?


Last night I watched this video clip of What if?

And I want to write the same to you today…

May love, what if it is possible? What if there will be breakthrough and we will be able to be together?
What if we were meant to be together and this is really the will of God and heaven is orchestrating our relationship and when exactly we are going to get together?
What if what we felt and shared with one another there was really real?
What if there is something like true love and we were so lucky and blessed to experience it toward one another? What if there is a way for us to be together?
What if God will really make a way where there seem to be no way?
What if God will supernaturally keep on guiding us and putting things in place for us to be together?

What if?

What if your life is not over but your life is still worth living, still worth exploring, still worth dreaming…. what if?
What if the plans God has for you really are plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future?

What if God is really able to heal and restore your body completely? What if we are going to miraculously have our own children, apart from the ones we will adopt?
What if?

What if God is really good?
What if God really does miracles? What if God is really for you and not against you?
What if God really will work our everything for the good because you love him?
What if God’s promises are reliable and trustworthy?
What if?

What if the plans God has for you is really far above what you can dream or imagine?
What if, my love?
What if we can keep on hoping? What if we can keep on dreaming? What if we can keep on trusting the God for miracles?
What if, my love, what if?

Well, as I write this, my heart comes alive, my heart soars, my heart explodes with expectation and hope!

What if everything is really hopeless and there is no way out or no way we will ever be together? What if you are really doomed by your circumstances and you will never be able to break free from the bondages that you find yourself in?
What if your life really is over and God does not actually have a plan?

What if what we experienced was not real and God is not in this?

Well, as I write this my heart cringes and it feels like I am writing a lie because it is.It is a lie.

I know the heart of God, I know the quality life that God has for each one of us. I know the dreams he has for our lives are really far above what we can dream or imagine.

My goodness, it is so good to know that I have been set free by the truth. I just can’t see the hopelessness because I see Jesus.

My dearest love,

This is really all that I wish for you to see: the goodness of God, the love of God, the depth of God, the desire of the heart of God, who you are in him, who he called you to be. What his plans are for your life.

My love, if I am not part of that in your heart, then it is really okay because far above my desire to love you, be with you and to be loved by you, is my desire for you to have a life of God encounter and a life where you know Him deeply and walk with Him daily.

That is the depth of what I desire for you.

SEE God, see yourself.

But again, out of the abundance of my heart,can I just tell you how much I love you and what I think of you?

I love you in a way that I still need to figure out what to do with it. I love you from the abundance of who I am and though I lack description I love you with everything and all angles and continually and fully, for eternity and then always after that still.

My heart is warm, full, aware, inlove. I am yours and will always be. I will love you to the fullest capacity that can be birthed in me and I will love you like this always.
You are my one true love, what if I am yours too? I deeply adore you, my sweet man. I deeply love you.

Always yours



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