For the glory of Love

​I love for the glory of Love!

I love for I know the One who is Love! 
Love is my inspiration to love.
I can only love because Love created me. 

The deepest, uncontaminated, original version of me loves with fierce freedom…
Because of Whose image I was made in.

Love created me to know Love and love and be loved… 

I want to display the indescribable depth of Love
I want to reflect the immeasurable quality of Love
I want to embody the overwhelming intensity of Love

So, I soak in the presence of Love and allow Love to become my quality of love.

I love for the glory of Love!



My heart looks to you

​9 October 2017

There’s a world to discover
A vastness of a variety of beauty to see
There’s the diversity of cultures to experience
The mighty oceans to explore
The spectacular continents to see

Yet my world has a pivot
My life has found a focus point

My eyes behold the magnificence of everything around me as I travel and do life
But the eyes of my heart is on you

I can stare at the Northern lights in wonder, 
Yet my heart looks to you… 

I can climb a snow covered mountain
Yet my heart is pulled to you

With a magnetic yearning, I am drawn to you, my love… 

I am expectant
It can’t be long anymore
Wherever I go, my heart pivots around you

And the force of the pull has not weakened

I love you most…