Your status…

Could you find God when they tortured you, or when you fled from death? 
Could you find God when you suffered for Him, or when it felt that it was your last breath?

Where does this drive to stay alive in you come from? 
Would it not have been easier to just let go and be with Him in heavenly perfection? 
Why endure the suffering and continue in this earthly hell?
Why flee for your life from country to country in what seems like hopeless continuation, when so many times it could have all ended?

Because you are filled with the One who calls Himself LIFE! 
You belong to a Man who made sure He fully felt your suffering and carried your pain.
You have a drive inside of you for more than this world got to offer.

You are alive to hope.
You are awakened to love.
You are enlightened by the one called LIGHT to have faith.

You have eternity in your heart, a Kingdom as your assignment, you are destined, you have a legacy to leave, you have a testimony to give, and a God to glorify. You still have heaven to bring down to earth…

You have suffered so much
Love must conquer
Your status is refugee
Love must conquer
Your future seems hopeless

Love MUST conquer…
Because that is what love does… it conquers ALL…

His Father, who is in heaven, hallowed be Your Name. Your kingdom come, Your will be done in him, as it is in heaven… For Yours is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory

Forever and ever… Amen




God’s love bubbled over…

Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa wrote a children’s Bible book and this is how Genesis starts:

In the beginning God’s love bubbled over and He created.

Tonight I am lying here thinking of so many things happening in my life and I challenge myself with this concept…

What if all I do is from a place of love bubbling over in me… Because of a overflow of love, God created…

A love that He could not contain, a love that He needed to express! So He created so that He can express who He is… and that is Love.

How can we get in touch with the overflowing love that is within us, so that we can be people on this earth who bubbles over with love?

Let’s get in touch with all that Greatness inside of us! All that love…

That is what we need… spontaneous, over bubbling love!

Can I leave my heart

​Can I, just for a week, leave my heart
Safely nestled in a cosy box 
Because oh, it’s a beautiful heart
Carrying all the chapters of quite a life
Then I don’t have to wreck through the memories  
Just for a week
Or is that too long a time for such an extraordinary request?

Can I then, just for a day, leave my heart 
Safely nestled in a cosy box
Because oh, it’s a beautiful heart
Being strong and persevering beyond all odds
Then I don’t have to intensely keep the impossibilities from destroying me
Just for a day
Or is this too long a time for such an extraordinary request?

Okay, can I then, just for an hour, leave my heart
Safely nestled in a cosy box
Because oh, it’s a beautiful heart
Having the ability to trust you, God… even if you seem quiet
Then I don’t have to experience the desperation of needing to hear You
Just for an hour
Or is that too long a time for such an extraordinary request?

God, then just for a moment… can I leave my heart
Safely nestled in a cosy box
Because yes, I know, you have made my heart beautiful…
But I am tired, Jesus…
Can I maybe even leave my life?
My feelings?
My whole existence? 
Then I don’t have to… then I just don’t have to
Just for a moment
Or is that too long a time for such an extraordinary request?

And I know Jesus, that even You asked the Father if Your cup can pass You by… nevertheless not Your will but His be done
And even though my cup is nothing compared to Yours, I will also say
Not my will, but Yours be done
Jesus, did you also want to leave Your heart, and put it in a cosy box… even just for a moment? 


A humanity of Kings and Queens

21st of March 2016
God, I don’t know what to say, just so that I don’t say the same things over and over again. I don’t know what to ask, just so that I don’t keep asking the same things.
I don’t know how to not feel what I am feeling.
I don’t know how to not have this man in my heart and think of him so often.
I don’t know how to think of another angle to pray for breakthrough.
I don’t know how to not pray it again and again and again.
I don’t know how to keep on handling his painful silence, and to not let it affect me.
I don’t even know if I am honouring You in how I handle things, or if I am being plain stupid in trying to keep this alive…

I trust You, God…
And even though there’s things I don’t know, there is so much more that I do know.

My Jesus
King of Kings
My Hope
My Song
My Friend
Mighty in battle
The Great I am
Holy and Anointed One
Friend of sinners and the broken
Lion of Judah
Saviour of my life, my heart, my journey
King of glory
Prince of peace
My King, My Lover of my soul.
All powerful
Sacrificed Lamb


You are the God that SEES ALL, KNOWS ALL and CONTROLS ALL


You can’t be caught by surprise, shocked or outsmarted.
Angels, demons and Satan himself, are under Your command.

You are the God that is moved by humanity, You hear the cries of our hearts, even the cries of those that are not directly crying out to You.

Your heart is for us, and also for all those who hate You.
Your love goes beyond culture, race and religion.

You love humans…

You are the God that is deeply moved by those You created.
You are the God that sees our most sincere efforts, care about our greatest attempts to build a good life. You are familiar with all our ways.

You can handle our tantrums
embrace our weaknesses
support us in failures
love us in hopelessness
guide us in blindness
forgive us in hating
comfort us in trauma and torment
enfold us in isolation
raise us up in death
heal us in infirmities
protect us in lack of wisdom
cover our multitudes of sins
answer our millions of prayers

You are the God of the human race
In all it’s brokenness

This is the humanity You embrace
died for
give life to

If only we knew Your heart
If only we knew Your heart
We will be a humanity of Kings and Queens
Living life in the beauty of God

He embraces us as we are, but desires for us so much more…