Your song

Wrote this song in January 2016

Writing a song to you is like painting a sunrise. (not the real thing).
Writing a song to you is like remembering a moment.
Words to describe you is like having a drop, thinking it’s the ocean, holding a leave to show the luscious forest…

Now I’m sitting here, trying to think, what clever phrase will say how much I love you.
I am sitting here, trying to think, what chord will play the song of my heart?

You can not be captured in a song.
Poetry can not display my heart.
But I’ll sing it anyway and I’ll say it anyway…

You are the sunrise I will love to wake up to.
You are the memories I would love to make.
You are the ocean I would love to discover.
You are the forest I would love to breathe in…

Copyright, thelovetestimony2018


For the glory of Love

​I love for the glory of Love!

I love for I know the One who is Love! 
Love is my inspiration to love.
I can only love because Love created me. 

The deepest, uncontaminated, original version of me loves with fierce freedom…
Because of Whose image I was made in.

Love created me to know Love and love and be loved… 

I want to display the indescribable depth of Love
I want to reflect the immeasurable quality of Love
I want to embody the overwhelming intensity of Love

So, I soak in the presence of Love and allow Love to become my quality of love.

I love for the glory of Love!


My heart looks to you

​9 October 2017

There’s a world to discover
A vastness of a variety of beauty to see
There’s the diversity of cultures to experience
The mighty oceans to explore
The spectacular continents to see

Yet my world has a pivot
My life has found a focus point

My eyes behold the magnificence of everything around me as I travel and do life
But the eyes of my heart is on you

I can stare at the Northern lights in wonder, 
Yet my heart looks to you… 

I can climb a snow covered mountain
Yet my heart is pulled to you

With a magnetic yearning, I am drawn to you, my love… 

I am expectant
It can’t be long anymore
Wherever I go, my heart pivots around you

And the force of the pull has not weakened

I love you most…



My dearest love,

And yet my heart remains expectant as I keep my eyes on the God of miracles and as I quiet the loudness of my mind, and find my heart and what it is really saying to me.

I love that our love is tested to the extreme. I love that I have to keep on delving deeper into my ability to love. I love that our love is under fire! I love that our love is tested by every form, logic and reason to prove it is impossible.

I love the buoyancy of my love for you! I love that I feel like I am drowning in deep, dark waters of impossibility, doubt, hopelessness and despair but there is always a moment of buoyancy… always. Every time I just can’t go on.

I am so humbled that I can love you. I am so blessed that I can carry you with me in my heart. It is so amazing that I can have the honoured position of praying for you.

What I love the most about this journey is that it is my journey, but you are making this story possible.

I love you with the assurance of forever… I love you with the energy of now… and I love you with the finality of yesterday.

Always yours,


I wish you could see you

13 August 2017

My beautiful love,

I love what God thinks about you
And I love that I know it’s true.

I love that I can see how much God believes in you and I love that I can believe in you too.

I love to see how much God loves you and I love that I can love you too.

I love that God is with you and I love that I am with you too.

I know God sees things you can’t see, and I hope you will start to see it too.

I know God has faith in you, that you don’t have in yourself, and I hope that his faith will arise in you.

And as for me, I am thankful, humbled, overwhelmed and deeply moved at the fact that I am so privileged to love you.

I wish you could see who the one is that I love.
I wish you could see you.

I would love to be wrong

​My endless love,

This morning I saw a new photo of yourself that you put on facebook… And my heart was flooded again of how deep my love is for you.

Although to a couple of my friends, I have actually out loud verbalized that I don’t think we are going to get together, and in my mind, I know that I honestly can’t see it happen anymore. I would love to be wrong… If there was ever a time in my life that I hope I am wrong, it is now… in this season. I really hope I am wrong… because this I know:

It is not wrong to love you and it is not wrong to deeply care about you. I know that it is not wrong to bring you daily before the throne of grace, interceding for mostly, your inner self… I know it is not wrong to pray that God will heal your heart , meet with you in a powerful way, restore your identity in him and flood you with the dreams that he has for your life. I know that this is not wrong. 

I know that it is not wrong to wish for you freedom in your innermost being. I know that it is not wrong to dream for you a road of breakthrough and victory and success. I know it is not wrong…

And, I know, deep in my heart, that I was not wrong when you said you love me and I felt you sincerely meant it. I really believe I was not wrong when you would look at me in a way that I can not even put into words… I know I was not wrong. I know I was not wrong when you said that only Father will be able to do this. I know I was not wrong… 

I know that I am not wrong when I fully saw God’s involvement in this from the start. I know I could not possibly interpret things inaccurately, just because of the amount of guidance and confirmation I received. I know I was not wrong.

And I know that I am not wrong now, when I tell you that I still love you after all this time. I know that I am not wrong if I say that you are still the one my heart is longing for. I know that I am not wrong when I say that there is no getting over you. I know that I am not wrong if I say that I will love you for the rest of my life. I know I am not wrong.

But I really hope that I am wrong when I have these thoughts that it is over. And I really hope that I am wrong, when I think that maybe you do not care anymore. I really hope I am wrong. 

So I pray for you. 

I pray that the perfect heart of God, with all the fullness of His love, all the overflow of destiny, purpose and blessing will flood your being, overwhelm your soul, and liberate your heart and mind. 

I pray that the Prince of peace will fully rule in your mind, soul and body. 

I pray that every beautiful detail, all specifics and every thought God has about you will truly become your reality. I pray that you will walk in the good, pleasing and perfect will of God and that your being will align with what God spoke, when He created you.

I pray that the lovely companionship of the Holy Spirit will be with you, that His fragrance will rest upon you, His power will move through you and His truth will keep on setting you free. 

I pray that the flawless price of the cross will have its full effect in your life, in your family’s lives and in your people. 

I pray that the adoration God has for you, the faith He has in you and the fierce love He uniquely shares towards you will captivate you and become the foundation from where you function in this world.

And if my life can have any form of impact on you, it would be this:
That my prayers will cause heaven to come down on you, that my prayers will cause a myriad of angels to serve you, protect you and fight for you, that the inner turmoil of your soul will be soothed and quieted by the prayers of love, healing and freedom that I request from God concerning for you. 

Of course I would love to touch you, but my prayers are touching a part of you that is eternal, and that is incredible!

Of course I would love to hold you, but my prayers are covering you and blocking off the arrows of the enemy, and this is powerful!

Of course I would love to comfort you, but my prayers are sending the Comforter to you, and He can do a far more and deeper soothing, than I can ever dream of, and this is a privilege!

Of course I would love to have endless, deep conversations with you, but my endless conversations with God about you is having a far more significant effect on you, than my company for you could ever produce. And that is love!

I love you with soaring freedom and endless vastness.
Always yours