If I could display my love

If my love for you could be a sunrise, I would choose it to be the sunrise on your toughest day… so that its light, warmth and beauty can give you hope as you wake up to it and it displays its glorious colours.

If my love could be a flower, I would choose it to be a common flower that you see everywhere. So that you can’t go far without being aware of it and it displays that it is ever present.

If my love for you could be a tree, I would choose it to be a tree with the deepest routes. So that it will display that its immovable and will survive in the toughest of circumstances.

Love will endure
Love will heal
Love is the greatest

And I love that I can love you.

Always yours



Framed by black

​And you have stared so long at the desolated land…
And all you see is the black ashes of everything consumed by the destruction life holds… 

But you forget, under ground hope is alive. New fresh greens are waiting to burst forth through the death now visible.

And then it happens… the first bright green stem, spectacularly framed by black.

It was there, all along… just waiting for the rain. 

My love… hope is alive… and I am so glad you finally got some light, some life, some hope…

I celebrate with you, 7/7/17… no coincidence there… you received your acceptance as a refugee.

You finally got your papers… 
Now build your life further… 
Nothing can stop you… 
Dream big… 
Embrace life…
Forgive and live. 

Life is truly beautiful.


More freeing than finding God

Is there anything more profoundly freeing than finding God?
Yes! And a thousand times yes!

Delving into the endless riches and beauty of who God is! There you find a more profound freedom…

Connecting in the depths of who you are, to the glory of His being! There you find a more profound freedom…

Exploring the revelation of who you are, because of Him! There you find a more profound freedom…

Allowing Him to pour out His elaborate, extravagant and fierce love into you! There you find a more profound freedom…

In God, there is always more truth to be discovered, and this will continually set you free and take you into a greater revelation of the complete and perfect freedom you actually already have…

Don’t just find Him… discover Him, befriend Him and fully come to know Him.


One breath forward

Give me your heart, I will carry it, when you feel too weak to carry it alone.
Give me your pain, I will comfort you. You are not bearing it alone.

Share with me your burdensome struggles, I will listen and make it my own. As we carry one another’s burdens, it seems lighter, bearable… there’s hope.

Now you can’t hear the next line of your lifesong, come closer, and hear me whisper it in your ear.

Now you can’t see in the dark your next step, but see how the light of my prayer shines, so you can see and continue moving even just one breath forward.

Your words to me today was, you are tired of life.
My words to you was, I know and I understand.

Your darkness continues, yet my prayer is that it will be the background for an incredible display of fireworks, blinding light and blazing brightness.

Maybe now, there is only one star shining in your darkest night. But my love, that’s the miracle, there is one star shining… there’s hope.

Two years of you

Two years of you…

How do I put words to my heart if I have no idea how to express what I am feeling.

If I think of the incredible journey, the mindblowing testimony and the riches and beauty of God in all of this…

How do you put words to something that is indescribable.
Nothing will adequately describe my deep and sincere thankfulness for having you in my life…

Two years ago today… you said: ‘In a nutshell, I love you.’
And I said I love you too.

And since then the strength, intensity and beauty of loving you has grown in depth and passion.

So, yes, I still love you, but it means much more now and it is much deeper than it was two years ago. And I really and sincerely hope that it will continue to grow into a mighty oak tree!

Love you always,


My heart is a seed

My dearest, 

Joy! I dance because He loves us.
Peace! I rest because He knows.
Endurance! I continue because it’s His quality.
Faith! I believe because we are His.
Hope! I do not see but I am sure because He sees.

My heart is a canvas, graced by the colour of you. 
My heart is a melody you expanded into a symphony.
My heart is a stream, now a mighty, gushing waterfall.
My heart is a seed, planted, watered, let it grow, let it grow, let it grow.

Always yours.