Oneloveline 4

Love goes beyond what we know about a person, even beyond what they believe about themselves and thrives on loving someone in the framework of their endless potential and unique greatness and thus empowering them to become that.


About a day

My dearest love,

Imagine… Imagine that today I could come home to you and that I could embrace you today and see your eyes today.

Imagine… Imagine that today I could smile at you and whisper in your ear today.

But today is nearly over and tomorrow will soon be here.

Imagine… imagine that tomorrow I can walk with you hand in hand and that we can do whatever together tomorrow.

Imagine… imagine that tomorrow I can hear your voice and hear you say my name and hear you say that you love me tomorrow.

But tomorrow only has 24 hours and then it will be over and it will be the next day.

I don’t know how many days more will soon be over and how many more tomorrows will turn into the next day.

But soon I will be able to say about a day:

Today I’m coming home to you to embrace you, see your eyes and whisper in your ear…

Oh, how deeply I long for that day…

I miss you, my brave hero.I miss you, the one for whom my love is fierce.
I miss you today, and maybe just maybe, I won’t have to miss you tomorrow because you will be with me…

Your absence is felt, with love, passion, torment and hope…

I miss you


Oneloveline 3

When we pursue pristine love, there is always a deeper dimension, a greater intimacy a higher ecstasy, because this love and discovering who God is, is the same adventure; an inexhaustible, infinite treasure hunt to something destined beyond comprehension.

Dust and breath

I know I am not much. I am dust, a breath, a moment. In the grand scheme of things, I am really minuscule.

But I want you to know that this dust is deeply devoted to you and this breath lavishly adores you. I want you to know that in this moment called ‘my life’, you are exclusively loved.

I really am nothing and in the grand scheme of things, I really am insignificant…

Maybe the actual beauty of life and purpose of being alive is to see how dust can fiercely love, and a breath can deeply connect and a moment can pierce into eternity to unlock heaven and start to live it here on earth.

I don’t know. I can’t see the bigger picture. All I know is, here I am, just simply me, loving you.